Conversational Finnish Workbook

by Aili R. Bell

The Conversational Finnish Workbook CD contains the complete Foreign Service Institute Conversational Finnish Workbook, both text and audio. Designed to be used with Conversational Finnish, Superior Language Products has transformed the original publication from a 720 page text with accompanying 8 audio cassette tapes into an easy-to-navigate digital version in searchable-PDF file format for use on a personal computer.   The contents of the original publication, both text and audio, has been reproduced digitally exactly as published.

Though this workbook was developed for use as part of a very intensive instructor-led language program, the material is well-adapted to self-study. Each unit provides drills and exercises which reinforce the material learned in the corresponding unit of the main course. The workbook also contains many reading exercises regarding Finnish culture and government. The abundance of audio in this workbook insures that the student will be provided with a good foundation in understanding the spoken language, both formal and colloquial.

The audio pertaining to each lesson or exercise is easily accessible via a clickable-link located on each lesson page, making coordination between text and audio, navigation, course browsing, and overall use much easier than the original text/tape format.  Each entry in the Table of Contents is linked directly to the appropriate unit, appendix, or reading lesson making access to any part of the publication easy.  In addition, each unit is fully bookmarked and all cross-references in the original publication to other units and to the glossary are linked and accessible with a click of the mouse.

If you like paper, you'll be happy to hear that any lesson - or the entire publication - can be printed by your inkjet or laser printer.  By reproducing individual lessons this way, one can study them at any time - on the bus, during coffee break, while traveling, etc.
Furthermore, the audio portion of the lessons, being in mp3 format, can be copied to your mp3 player for listening when you are away from the computer.

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Download the entire Unit 1 with audio and user manual (approx. 7 mB) here.  Unzip this anywhere you like, preserving the directory structure, then use Adobe Reader to open the Unit 1 pdf file.  Note: Cross-reference links outside of Unit 1 will not function in this sample unit.

Download the SLP user manual for Conversational Finnish Workbook.   Right-click here (pdf, 790kB)

View and listen to the complete Workbook, Unit 1 on-line here (pdf, 971kB)   (Right-click to download the pdf). Requires Adobe Reader.  
Use the right and left arrow keys to page forward and back.  Again: cross-reference links outside of Unit 1 will not function in this sample unit.
To listen to a sample mp3 audio recording (unit 1, exercise 1), click here (mp3, 467 kB)

(note: bitrate for these samples has been reduced from 128kbps to 32kbps for faster downloads.  Quality of the audio has therefore been slightly degraded from the quality of the audio on the CD).

Contents of Conversational Finnish Workbook

Practice on pronunciation
Part one
Sequence one
Sequence two
Part two
Part three
Contrasting vowel drills
Contrasting dipthong drills
Single consonants, double consonants
Accent and rhythm
Consonant combinations
Consonant changes with consonant gradation
Part four
Countries, names, etc.
Swedish names

Units I-XIV
Material for Units I-XIV consists of drills on material contained in the Structural Notes to
Units I-XIV of the course text. See the table of contents for Conversational Finnish.

Consonant gradation
k-Ø, v, j
p-v, mp-mm
lt-ll, rt-rr

Type words
perhe, -e
oppilas, kaunis, -as/-äs, -is
puhelin, -in
kysymys, -us/-ys, -os
kauneus, -us/-ys, -uus/-yys
vesi-veden-vettä, -si, -d-, -t-
toinen, -nen

Reading material for Units V-XIV
Area studies readings:
Scandinavian industrialization
Popular movements, parties
Parties and political systems
Interest groups
The media
News agencies
Radio and television
The Finnish position in the Baltic sphere
Baltic history and politics
Finland after World War I
The Scandinavian school system
The Finnish school system
Comprehensive school
Midlevel schooling
University education
Finnish judicial history
The Finnish judicial system
The constitution
The court system
Scandinavian welfare states
Finland as a welfare state
Scandinavian economy
Nordic cooperation
The Nordic Council
The Nordic Countries and the UN
Success and the limits of Nordic
Results of Nordic cooperation
American views about Scandinavia
Finnish foreign policy and its
image abroad
Finnish connections with the Baltic
States and Scandinavia
The principle of proportional
representation in Finland

While the original audio tapes vary in quality, Superior Language Products has re-mastered the original audio to provide the best quality possible.

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