Finnish Graded Reader

Compiled and edited by Aili R. Bell

ISBN: 1582140170

Finnish Graded Reader and accompanying audio recordings are designed to develop reading ability in Finnish through the coordination of audio material with the printed page, with minimum recourse to translation.  The fifty-seven selections have been arranged and edited to provide a sequence suitable to the growing competence of students as they progress from the beginning through the intermediate stages of reading proficiency.  It has been an aim in the editing to retain as much as possible of the original style and flavor while modifying constructions and vocabulary as necessary for the benefit of students.

The text has been planned as a supplement to a beginning course in Finnish, to be introduced when the student has mastered much of the basic structure of Finnish and about 700 lexical items.  It may also be used effectively in an intermediate course.

Among its features are lexical and grammatical drills, which, together with questions after each reading selection, are intended to help the student develop facility in conversing and in using vocabulary and structure beyond the introductory level.  The accompanying recordings emphasize the spoken language and liven the material.

The abundance of audio recordings incorporated into this publication insure that the student will be provided with a good foundation in understanding the spoken language.

This CD contains the complete version of Finnish Graded Reader, text and audio.  It has been transformed from a 751 page text with 14 cassette audio tapes into an easy-to-navigate digital version for use on your home computer. The original text has been converted to Portable Document Format (pdf).  The audio pertaining to each lesson or exercise is easily accessible via a clickable-link located on the lesson page, making coordination between text and audio, navigation, course browsing, and overall use much easier than the original text/tape format.  Each entry in the table of contents has been linked to the appropriate unit, making access to any lesson in this large volume easy.

Finnish Graded Reader is the third and final CD in the Foreign Service Institute's Finnish Language Course series.

If you like paper, you'll be happy to hear that any lesson - or the entire publication - can be printed by your inkjet or laser printer.  By reproducing individual lessons this way, one can study them at any time - on the bus, during coffee break, while traveling, etc.
Furthermore, the audio portion of the lessons, being in mp3 format, can be copied to an mp3 player for use while away from the computer.

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Download the entire Unit 1 with audio and user manual (approx. 3 mB) here.  Unzip this anywhere you like, preserving the directory structure, then use Adobe Reader to open the Unit 1 pdf file.

Download the SLP user manual for Finnish Graded Reader.  Right-click here (pdf, 780 kB)

View and listen to the complete Unit 1 of 57 on-line, here (pdf, 305kB)   (Right-click to download the pdf).  Requires Adobe Reader.  Use right and left arrow keys to page through the document.

Listen to the mp3 audio recording of unit 1 of 57,  here (mp3, 675kB).
Listen to the mp3 audio recording of unit 1 exercises,  here (mp3, 1.4 mB).

(note: bitrate for these samples has been reduced from 128kbps to 32kbps for faster downloads.  Quality of the audio has therefore been slightly degraded from the quality of the audio on the CD).



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